Bloody Mary, quite contrary!

Meep Meep #159 – Woo! weekly update Where did that bloody rain come from? Bleh! Hope you managed to stay dry! While you were hiding inside, here’s what you might have missed this week. On Thursday, we wined and mind at Winefulness Wine Tasting with Richie from Brown Paper Wine and Kirsten McKenna from Winefulness where we learned the [Read More]

A Spring Fling!

Meep Meep #158 – Woo! weekly update Short weeks are the best weeks, eh? Hope you’ve all adjusted to Daylight Savings. Don’t forget to turn those Monday morning alarms back on tonight… UGH! Did you make it to our Springtime Picnic on Stargazer Lawn, Barangaroo? We had a lovely time in the sunshine, drinking wine, making [Read More]

A little competition never hurt anyone!

Meep Meep #157 – Woo! weekly update Good evening, members! We trust you’re feeling a little rusty after grand finals weekend and a WONDERFUL long weekend at that. Struggling to adjust? Don’t worry, us too! Hope you remembered to turn your Monday morning alarms off 😉 We started the week on Wednesday with a doubleheader [Read More]

It’s getting hot in here!

Meep Meep #156 – Woo! weekly update Evening Woo! Crew! Hopefully y’all haven’t melted into puddles this weekend and have taken shelter in a beer garden to crack open a few cold ones to make it through you Monday! But let’s flash back to the week gone by. On Tuesday we took to the stalls [Read More]

Once upon a time…

Meep Meep #155 – Woo! weekly update Good evening, you wonderful Woo! Members. Another week closer to Christmas! Can you believe it’s less than 100 days till Santa jingles his bells again? We hope you’ve been nice this year 😉 We begin the week with a trip to Story Club Showcase at the Giant Dwarf Theatre for [Read More]

Tickle your fancy?

Meep Meep #154 – Woo! weekly update Hey ho, Woo! Crew! Another week further away from winter and what a cracker of a weekend it was! We went to Glebe Markets for a wander around and spent plenty of money on unnecessary treasures and trinkets we don’t need, then spent the afternoon in the sunshine discussing the [Read More]


Meep Meep #153 – Woo! weekly update Woohoo!! We’re finally through with winter! Bring on the sunshine, suds and springtime evenings! We welcomed the new season with two awesome events designed to take advantage of the warmer weather! Ambassador Doug took a curious few to Eye Gazing in Hyde Park on Saturday morning, which seemed like it [Read More]

The roof is on fire!!

Meep Meep #152 – Woo! weekly update Well, hello, Woo! Members and welcome to another working week, and what a disgustingly cold start to the week it was! How did we do last week? On Wednesday, Woo! Ambassador Kaela took a team to Golden Age Cinema in Surry Hills to watch one of her favourite 90’s flicks [Read More]

Gone with the wind!

Meep Meep #151 – Woo! weekly update Happy Monday eve, Woo! Tang Clan! What a lovely week it was until we were all blown away with the wind. What the!!! Oh well… Due to weather we had a bit of a quiet one, but Woo! Social Club member Sam K stepped up to take a group of [Read More]

Science, suds and sweets!

Meep Meep #150 – Woo! weekly update Salutations, socialites and happy Sunday to you all! Another working week is right around the corner. Let’s rewind and relive the week! After a long wind down from the weekend, some of our science buffs headed to Maasive Lates: Science – Sydney Science Festival at the Powerhouse Museum on Thursday night to [Read More]