Vivid imaginations!

Meep Meep #142 – Woo! weekly update Despite the short working week, that felt like an incredibly short weekend! So much time and so little to do… wait… other way around 😉 Anyway, we hope you got to see Vivid Sydney last week as it’s now sadly over. Some brave Woo! Social Club souls braved [Read More]

Moister than an oyster!

Meep Meep #141 – Woo! weekly update Wet, wet, what the heck was all. that. rain last week! Winter, you were being so lovely! At least you turned your charm back on for the Queen’s birthday holiday! That darling ol’ bint deserves a little bit of sunshine, don’t you think 😉 But we still managed [Read More]

Close ups, cocktails and caresses!

Meep Meep #140 – Woo! weekly update Good evening, Woo! Crew! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, despite the unpredictable weather! But you can’t really complain, given it was the first weekend of WINTER, UGH! How’d June roll around so quick? Last Wednesday our earth-loving intellectuals went to see 2071 – A performance about [Read More]

Who needs abs? Have you been to GABS??

Meep Meep #139 – Woo! weekly update Well, well! Welcome to another week of Woo! While the days are staying toasty warm, the nights are definitely losing their heat. Hope you’ve got someone to cuddle up to this winter! If not, we can help with that 😉 Last week was a little quiet but the [Read More]

Less drinkin’, more thinkin’.

Meep Meep #138 – Woo! weekly update Well, Woo!ers… did we learn a thing or two last week? Like when the news says we’re going to get a month’s worth of rain in 3 days that they’re actually DEAD WRONG! What a sensational weekend we got instead! But that wasn’t all we discovered… Tuesday we [Read More]

Escapism at its finest!

Meep Meep #137 – Woo! weekly update Good evening! Nothing like a rainy Sunday night to stay indoors and read about all the fun we got up to last week! Everyone was rather busy enjoying the sunshine and warm Autumn evenings but towards the end of the weekend, we all needed something a little more [Read More]

Bucks, hens, and other animals!

Meep Meep #136 – Woo! weekly update Happy Monday eve, lovers! Hope the sunny weekend treated you well after the first full week back at work since early April. Boy, was it a long one, but we took full advantage of the weekend once it came! On Tuesday we headed to ol’ favourite Since I [Read More]

We laughed, we cried and people died!

Meep Meep #135 – Woo! weekly update Don’t panic! No one ACTUALLY died… except us when we realised tomorrow is Monday. Oh, the horror! Take us back to the short week, starting with Two Up for Anzac Day at the Woolloomooloo Bay hotel where Mama Woo! won herself some cashola and we ate them out [Read More]

Less work, more fun!

Meep Meep #134 – Woo! weekly update Another marvellous 4-day work week. How lucky are we? Hope you’re making the most of the warm weather while it’s still around! We hit the town for Tuesday Trivia again at Since I Left You and came a close second place! Missed it by HALF a point, dang [Read More]

Happy chocolate holiday!

Meep Meep #133 – Woo! weekly update Nothing like a long weekend in the best city with the nicest weather we’ve had in a while! Hope you got out and amongst it all. I know WE did! We took our regular table for Tuesday trivia at Since I Left You bar, and won, again, even [Read More]