Meats, meets and more meets!

Meep Meep #166 – Woo! weekly update Hideyho memberoony! Another week closer to Christmas and it was absolutely jam-packed to the brim with fun and games! On Tuesday, we returned to the Dove and Olive for the first time in many months to test our knowledge of trivial things at the Dove & Olive Surry Hills. Sadly [Read More]

Give thanks to the BBQ and Bike Gods!

Meep Meep #165 – Woo! weekly update WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE? Can you believe it’s only ONE MONTH until CHRISTMAS?!? At least it’s finally starting to FEEL like Christmas. How good was the weather this weekend? Bring on the long sunday lunches! But first, let’s recap the week gone by. On Monday, Woo! Ambassador [Read More]

Soulful by the bowlful!

Meep Meep #164 – Woo! weekly update What a fulfilling week we had at Woo! while the sun was still shining! We had soul FOOD, soul sistas and soulful connections. After getting through the working week, Woo! Member Karen took a team to The Ramen Club at Toko Sydney for oodles of noodles, while a whole tribe of Woo! [Read More]

Dangerous ideas and interesting choices!

Meep Meep #163 – Woo! weekly update On Tuesday, Neil and his band of misfits heading to the Giant Dwarf Theatre for the Festival of GENUINELY Dangerous Ideas, which turned out weren’t so dangerous after all, but you win some, you lose some 😉 On sunny Saturday, mad keen fitness loving Woo! Member Cecilia took a crew to 90’s [Read More]

Blame it on the rain!

Meep Meep #162 – Woo! weekly update Well, what a washout the weekend turned out to be? Hopefully, you spent the weekend Netflixing and chilling with someone special (and by someone special, I mean yourself ;)). But it wasn’t a total waste. On Wednesday night we had one of our biggest groups EVER head to The [Read More]

Meat-ups and make-up!

Meep Meep #161 – Woo! weekly update How YOU doin’ this fine Sunday eve? Hope you spent the day out in the glorious sunshine… or hungover in bed from far too much fun and wine last night! Let’s recap what went on last week and see what happy snaps our paparazzi sent to us! On [Read More]

Noodles, Doodles and Poodles!

Meep Meep #160 – Woo! weekly update How you doing this moist Sunday eve? We had OODLES of fun this week! Did you make it along to one of our awesome events this week? If not, here’s what you missed out on! #regromo On Thursday, it was a battle of Noodles vs Doodles (soz, we [Read More]

Bloody Mary, quite contrary!

Meep Meep #159 – Woo! weekly update Where did that bloody rain come from? Bleh! Hope you managed to stay dry! While you were hiding inside, here’s what you might have missed this week. On Thursday, we wined and mind at Winefulness Wine Tasting with Richie from Brown Paper Wine and Kirsten McKenna from Winefulness where we learned the [Read More]

A Spring Fling!

Meep Meep #158 – Woo! weekly update Short weeks are the best weeks, eh? Hope you’ve all adjusted to Daylight Savings. Don’t forget to turn those Monday morning alarms back on tonight… UGH! Did you make it to our Springtime Picnic on Stargazer Lawn, Barangaroo? We had a lovely time in the sunshine, drinking wine, making [Read More]

A little competition never hurt anyone!

Meep Meep #157 – Woo! weekly update Good evening, members! We trust you’re feeling a little rusty after grand finals weekend and a WONDERFUL long weekend at that. Struggling to adjust? Don’t worry, us too! Hope you remembered to turn your Monday morning alarms off 😉 We started the week on Wednesday with a doubleheader [Read More]