Science, suds and sweets!

Meep Meep #150 – Woo! weekly update Salutations, socialites and happy Sunday to you all! Another working week is right around the corner. Let’s rewind and relive the week! After a long wind down from the weekend, some of our science buffs headed to Maasive Lates: Science – Sydney Science Festival at the Powerhouse Museum on Thursday night to [Read More]

Crash! Boom! BANG!

Meep Meep #149 – Woo! weekly update Good evening, Woo!sters! Another Winter week has come and gone and we’re inching closer and closer to Spring. Will August rear its cold, ugly head and spoil all our plans next week? Or will this wonderful weather continue? Last week we went to a lot of trouble for [Read More]

What’s that smell?!

Meep Meep #148 – Woo! weekly update Happy Monday eve, members! Is the weekend over already? Another glorious summer weekend… wait… WINTER. We’re SO confused! Hopefully you managed to get among it. Bit of a quiet week, but we managed to meet for an Essential Oils Life Hack workshop with Amy Webb from She’s Grace where we [Read More]

Merry Christmas to Woo!

Meep Meep #147 – Woo! weekly update Seasons greetings* to everyone on this chilly July evening! We had a such a delightful evening at Creek & Cella celebrating Christmas in July last night. We spent the evening getting silly and sloshed on eggnog and wine, stuffed ourselves stupid with the most sumptuous roast pork and veg, and [Read More]

Gotta risk it for the brisket!

Meep Meep #146 – Woo! weekly update Hey howdy, Woo! Crew. Another glorious, if slightly wet week filled with meat, Maroon’s and majestic ice skating. Shall we relive it? So on Tuesday night, Kaela the carnivore took a crowd to Surly’s American BBQ, Burgers & Beer to take advantage of their half price meat platters for the semi-regular Steakholders [Read More]

Zombies and Z-grade movies!

Meep Meep #145 – Woo! weekly update Wow! Another wonderful winter weekend with some stupidly good weather! We hope you got amongst it like our Woo!ers did! Despite the quiet start to the week, we made up for it with a lot of spooning and screaming at the monthly screening of  The Room at Hayden Orpheum Cinema in [Read More]

Zen and the art of anti-social interactions

Meep Meep #144 – Woo! weekly update Goodness me! What a cold week we had, but we still managed to have some good old fashioned fun! We kicked off the week with another night of chortles at Story Club at The Giant Dwarf Theatre and dinner at The Rose Hotel. We then got our zen [Read More]

Making your wine dreams come true!

Meep Meep #143 – Woo! weekly update After a quiet start to the week, we went and watched our state get WALLOPED on Wednesday night in the State of Origin series at the GPO Grand Middle Bar. On Thursday, we dialed up the posh-o-meter and did a bit of wine tasting with Beal & Co at [Read More]

Vivid imaginations!

Meep Meep #142 – Woo! weekly update Despite the short working week, that felt like an incredibly short weekend! So much time and so little to do… wait… other way around 😉 Anyway, we hope you got to see Vivid Sydney last week as it’s now sadly over. Some brave Woo! Social Club souls braved [Read More]

Moister than an oyster!

Meep Meep #141 – Woo! weekly update Wet, wet, what the heck was all. that. rain last week! Winter, you were being so lovely! At least you turned your charm back on for the Queen’s birthday holiday! That darling ol’ bint deserves a little bit of sunshine, don’t you think 😉 But we still managed [Read More]