Frequently Asked Questions

Membership: How Do I Cancel or Pause My Account?

We know stuff and things happen. You might be busy jet-setting off to the French Riviera, or you’ve just met The One and don’t need the mad skills of Woo! any longer. It’s easy to Pause or Cancel your account at anytime. Just head to the top right (if you’re on a desktop it will […]

Events: No Lameness Guarantee

We think our events are so freakishly awesome, that we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is. All Woo! Official Events have a 100% No Lameness Guarantee. This means, if you go to any Woo! Official event and think it’s lame, all you need to do is let us know why, and we’ll […]

Events: Can I bring a wingperson?

Yup. Even Maverick needed Goose sometimes. You can buy a ticket for a wingperson when you buy your ticket, or you can add them on later. Guy or gal is fine, as long as they’re as awesome as you and aged 25-45. If you’re going to a Singles event they’d obviously need to be single […]

Event: What happens at an event?

Well firstly, there will be a flashing neon sign saying ‘Woo! Social Club, get ready to mingle!’ and we’ll announce over loudspeaker your triumphant arrival and vital statistics. Nah, jokes. It’s pretty low key for reals. If it’s an official Woo! event, just rock on up, ask your closest barkeep/hostie to join the Woo! group […]

Membership: What’s so good about Woo!?

No bloody awful online bios or profile pics here, chief. We’re all about meeting people in real life. You can attend official Woo! hosted events or, you can even set-up your own events. If you go to Singles events there’s no awkward 5 minute face to face interviews a la speed dating. It’s just like […]

Pricing: How much is membership?

We’ve got four choices of membership plans, check ‘em out over at our pricing page. We’ve got everything starting from free (your favourite price to pay) up to our top nop-notch plan at $29.90 per month. Our $9.90 a month ‘Tight-ass’ plan comes with three delightful calling cards each month and on our free ‘Commitment-phobe’ […]

Members: How do I contact someone I met at an event that I think is rad?

Send them a Calling Card to see if they feel the same way. There’s a few different ways to access the Calling Card option. On your Dashboard you can either go to Send Calling Cards under the Stuff You Can Do Section, or in the You Were Last Seen At section. You can also go […]

Members: Can I see online profiles of Woo! members?

Nah. We’re kind of against the whole online profile thing. We’re not all photogenic spelling bee champs or have time to craft 1,800 words on how Pilates changed our lives. We think you’re better in real life. The only time you can maaaaaaybe see a pic of a member is AFTER you’ve already met them […]

Members: Can I see information about who is attending an event?

Only on Tight-Ass and The Boss/Boss+ and only if you’ve already met them at a Woo! event before. You’ll be able to see activity from people you’ve met, such as what events they’re going to or have created themselves. The rest will all be a glorious surprise. We don’t believe in online profiles, you’re better […]

Events: Why do I have to pay in advance for official Woo! events?

It saves a lot of faffing around with money awkwardness at the end of the night. Plus it ensures everyone turns up by mitigating the ‘oh, actually I really should stay at work for another hour and finish off the Penske File’ effect. We work really hard with our preferred venues to get you better […]

Events: What if I can’t attend an event after I’ve booked in?

Give us a call. Yes, on ze telephone. We understand shit happens sometimes but we definitely need to know if you’re not going to turn up. The more advance warning you can give us the better. We really hope you wouldn’t cancel unless it was a really good reason, like your great aunt Mildred just […]

Events: What sort of events will I get to choose from?

Fun ones. We have a range of hosted Official Woo! events, from quick after-work fortifying liquids, to getting our woo on at various Sydney music and arts festivals. We may even have the odd sportsball thingy-thing or some sort of trampolining situation. You can also choose to attend custom events that members have set-up themselves. […]

Application: Do I automatically receive membership?

Yup. Just sign up, choose your membership plan and get instant access to hell-fun times. Don’t forget to use our handy event filters to find the right events for you. To maintain our uber-high service standards we are currently just taking members who live in Sydney and are aged between 25-45. Oh, and we do […]