Join now and you might just snaffle up a ticket for one of these hell-fun events.

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  • Drinks at Ramblin' Rascals Tavern

    Friday 23rd JuneRamblin' Rascals Tavern, Sydney
  • Underground Cinema presents - DREAM


    Join us for a four-hour, immersive, truly out of this world film experience like no other. This mission will launch in T minus 132 days. The pressures are great and the future existence of humanity is on the line!

    Dare to DREAM. Don’t turn back! Have courage!

    Saturday 24th JuneUniversity of Technology Sydney, Sydney
  • Good Food & Wine Show


    ERMAGHERD. Did someone say FOOD, and WINE. Say no more….. you actually had us at ‘Good’.

    We’re heading to our happy place, the Good Food & Wine Show. Discovering new foods, new wines and the latest foodie and winey related products. There’s literally hundreds of local and international exhibitors, your new favourite food and drinks are only a sample (or three) away!

    Sunday 25th JuneInternational Convention Centre, Sydney

    Monday 26th JuneGiant Dwarf Theatre, Redfern
  • Yoga & Essential Oil Workshop


    We’re getting all zen on yo’ arses. Spend a morning immersing yourself into the therapeutic world of essential oils and yoga, ommmmmmm. In this workshop, you will be guided through specific yoga sequences and complementary essential oils that promote a sense of balance and vitality for your mind, body and spirit.

    Stuff and things you get:

    • Yoga instructor Penny Hatzis will guide you through a beautiful yoga flow, connecting you to your breath using essential oils specific for opening airways, uplifting your mood and helping you focus, and then bringing you to a sense of calm and balance in this oh so busy life.
    • Nutritionist Renée will explain the properties of the essential oils and educate you on the multiple ways essential oils can be incorporated into a holistic lifestyle.
    • A goodie bag! Take home the essential oils used on the day, Woo!
    Saturday 1st JulyWoo! Space, Sydney
  • Everyone sits around on their phones

    Saturday 1st JulyGuylian The Rocks, Sydney
  • Everyone sits around and chats

    Saturday 1st JulyGuylian The Rocks, Sydney
  • Vegan Pub Dinner? You're LION!



    Bad vegan puns aside…. We’re super excited to bring you the very first event in conjunction with our new mates Vegan Singles Australia and the best vegan pub in Australia, The Green Lion.

    Join us for a few drinks and an enormous amount of delicious pub food. Put aside all your preconceptions about what vegan food is all about. There will be no quinoa and watercress here. We’re talking deep-fried moreish goodness that will leave you in a glorious food stupor. This night is all about trying something new so bring an open mind, an empty stomach and leave the meat jokes at home please.

    Saturday 1st JulyThe Green Lion, Sydney
  • The Room - An Interactive Experience

    Friday 7th JulyHayden Orpheum Picture Palace, Cremorne
  • Zedtown - Interactive Nerf Zombie War!

    Saturday 8th JulySydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park
  • Ice Skating with Woo!

    Friday 14th JulySt Mary's Cathedral (opposite Hyde Park), Sydney