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  • Weird & Wonderful World of Natural Wine


    ‘Natural’ is the latest buzzword in the world of wine. But what does it mean for a wine to be natural? Well, the good peeps at our second home, Creek and Cella, tell us….
    When wine was first made 8000 years ago, there was no packet yeasts, vitamins, enzymes, reverse osmosis, powdered tannin, or added acid. The wines of this age were simple – crushed grapes that fermented into wine. The natural wine movement aims to produce wines in a pure form, against the grain of the industrialised industry viticulture has turned into. They are about low intervention in the vineyard and winery. They are made with chemical-free fruit, they are hand picked and hand made, there are no additions of sugar, yeast or bacteria, and they have minimal or no fining, filtration & sulphites. They are a true representation of what a vineyard in a particular year tastes like.


    Join us for a glass or vino (or two), and maybe some cheeky cheese and charcuterie, while we hear from the guys at C&C about some of the best natural wines on their wine list and get some help selecting the perfect wine for you!

    Thursday 14th DecemberCreek and Cella, Sydney
  • Date Expectations


    What even IS a date? How do I know if we’re dating? What should I do on a date? What’s the after date etiquette? When I do tell them I’m dating other people? So many questions….answers we have. So get ready for the new year with our much loved social coach, Russy Ross from The Social Collective. Russy will take us on a entertaining, and very interactive, journey to help navigate the mine field that is modern dating, or, maybe, not dating. We encourage you to ask questions and be prepared for a bit of a debate as we no doubt uncover vast differences in opinions!  

    Friday 15th DecemberWoo! HQ (aka Bustle Studios) entrance around the corner on Rutland Street), Sydney
  • Beginner's Modern Calligraphy & Floral Workshop


    Ever wanted to dabble in calligraphy and lettering or learn the art of floral arranging but don’t know where to start? This workshop is perfect for you!

    With Christmas coming up you can combine giving heartfelt, handmade gifts, with learning some mad new skills. Multi-tasking, you’re doing it right.

    In this class, Sabrina from Prajna Flower Studio will teach you how to create a simple floral arrangement to add as finishing touches to gifts, or, for around the house. Candice from Inkdiplettering will teach an introduction to modern calligraphy, equipping you with the essentials to create beautiful letter forms. No experience is required and all materials will be provided. Please join us for a morning of creating, food, and new friends!

    Saturday 16th DecemberWoo! HQ (aka Bustle Studios) entrance around the corner on Rutland Street), Sydney
  • Don't frown, don't pout. It's time for a girls night out!

    Saturday 16th DecemberWe will start at Via Napoli in Surry Hills and then head to a bar afterwards!, Surry Hills
  • Pre-Xmas Parkrun

    Saturday 23rd DecemberSydney Park, St Peters
  • Seasons Meatings - Orphans Christmas Lunch


    Don’t want to be a loin on Christmas Day? That’s the wurst misteak! Join your fellow orphans for a very well done event 😉

    We’ve secured our very own private balcony overlooking Darling Harbour at Meat District Co. so we can get our festivities on in style. Was going to include a meat pun then, but didn’t want to butcher it….

    A mammoth meaty lunch is included. We won’t spoil it, but think ribs, lots and lots of ribs. Pork is totes Christmassy right?!

    Monday 25th DecemberMeat District Co, Sydney
  • First Beer In One Year

    Tuesday 2nd JanuaryThe Hive Bar, Erskineville
  • Flawsome Females Workshop #1


    What is “Flawsome,”? Well, it’s used to describe something that is awesome, because of its flaws.


    Whether it be in business or your personal life, we all have fears and they hold us back in more ways than we realise. Join us for our monthly workshops on how to not only stop living from a place of fear, but to also recognise when fear creeps in.

    Are you…..

    • Craving inspiration and motivation?
    • Searching for some SoulFULL answers to some of life’s biggest challenges, past and present?
    • Wanting guidance and coaching in your business?
    • Wanting to meet and connect with likeminded ladies?

    Then come hang out with The Soul Strategist on the first Thursday of each month!

    Thursday 11th JanuaryWoo! HQ (Aka Bustle Studios), Sydney