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  • Reality Bites @ The Golden Age Cinema


    Here’s one for all you Gen X kids, who could forget these classic lines from one of the 90’s BEST movies, Reality Bites.

    You and me and 5 bucks. Melrose is a really good show. Don’t Bogart that can, man. Will you spot us a pizza? Hey that’s my bike. I’m a non-practicing virgin. Well you don’t have to put that on your application. Evian is naive spelt backwards. In Your Face TV….

    Endlessly quotable, Reality Bites has come to be one of the most iconic films of the 90s. Snickers, AIDS, Generation X ‘sell-out’ issues and a perfect impromptu My Sharona dance scene, Reality Bites is a little slice of 90’s heaven. The directorial debut of Ben Stiller, it’s got a whip-smart script by Helen Childress that only gets better with age. Rumour has it that the film is set to be turned into a TV series, so come brush up on the original with us.

    Wednesday 23rd AugustGolden Age Cinema, Sydney
  • House Warming Wine Launch


    Is it a house warming to christen the brand spankin’ new Woo! HQ? Is it a party to celebrate our wine guys new wine label…? Why can’t it be both?!

    Our mate Richie, aka our wine guy, from Brown Paper Wine, has recently launched his premium wine range, Farriers Yard. We’ve moved a whole 3 mins walk down the road to our new pad, an awesome terrace house in Surry Hills. These are things to celebrate. What better way to celebrate than a massive house party?

    Saturday 26th AugustWoo! HQ, Sydney
  • Newbies only - Sunday Spit Roast


    Haven’t made it to a Woo! event yet? We want YOU! Come and sink a Bloody Mary (or two) and some delish spit roast with us so we can get to know each other.

    This is your chance to interrogate one of the extremely attractive Ambassadors of Woo! Social Club, as well as say hi to some of our other shiny new members.

    Sunday 3rd SeptemberCreek and Cella, Sydney
  • Pussy Play Workshop


    Have you ever wanted to know what women love….. down there……?

    After our very successful C@ck Caress workshop, we bring you, by popular demand, the ‘Pussy Play – Vulva Workshop’. Strokes to make her “Purr” and stoke her fire, yerrrrr!

    Here is your chance learn from two of Australia’s leading Somatic Sex Educators, and ask those questions you have been burning to know. This workshop will dispel myths, increase your knowledge and skills and make you more confident leading your ladies pleasure.

    This workshop is for you if you have every wondered….

    “Am I getting this right”?

    “Are they enjoying”?

    “Which way should my hand be”?

    Saturday 9th SeptemberWoo! HQ, Sydney
  • Intro to Screen Printing with stencils


    Oooooh, colour us crafty! Learn how to screen print in this fun, hands on, workshop for beginners.

    This class is taught by the lovely Kitty Cardwell, from Mrs C and Me. Kitty is a Sydney-based illustrator and printmaker who runs kids and adult print workshops, as well as selling a range of handmade greetings cards and prints.

    This is an ideal workshop for anyone wanting to learn about screen printing and leave with the skills to continue printing at home.

    Saturday 16th SeptemberWoo! HQ, Sydney